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WEKA AG has a firm grip on fluids and gases – and has been doing so for more than 80 years. As a mid-sized company based in Switzerland, we are a market leading manufacturer of cryogenic components for applications at lowest temperatures. Additionally, we produce special valves for niche markets as well as level measurement devices for fluids.


Our staff is constantly developing customer specific solutions used in areas including basic and fusion research, for space applications or in submarines. In over 100 countries we supply to customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, the oil, gas and petrochemical industries as well as for shipbuilding with high quality and innovative products.
We offer our WEKA customer service worldwide on site.

Our Representatives

We are always there for you, either directly or through our local partners.
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Get to know WEKA

Stefan Otto

Product Manager, Level Instruments

WEKA AG, Stefan Otto, Product Manager Level Instruments

Pascal Erni

Product Manager Valves & Cryogenics

WEKA AG, Pascal Erni, Product Manager Valves & Cryogenics

Nicola Magginetti

Head of Development & Engineering 

WEKA AG, Nicola Magginetti, Head of Development & Engineering

Marcel Kramer

Head of Procurement & Production

WEKA AG, Marcel Kramer, Head of Procurement & Production

Mario Schneider

Head of Finance, Controlling, Order Processing and Human Resources 

Brigitte Pfenninger

Controlling & Human Resources Manager

WEKA AG, Brigitte Pfenninger, Head of Controlling & Human Resources

Marc Hofmann

Quality & Lean Manager

WEKA AG, Marc Hofmann, Quality & Lean Manager

Nadine Tiefenbacher

Product Management Support 

Romano Cavallo

Product Manager 

Miralem Okanovic

International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics

WEKA AG, Miralem Okanovic, International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics

Leon Trajber

International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics

WEKA AG, Leon Trajber, International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics

John M. Andrea

International Sales Manager, Senior Engineer Level Instruments

WEKA AG, John M. Andrea, International Sales Manager, Senior Engineer Level Instruments

Jela Micanovic

Order Processing & Export Manager / Human Resources Coordinator

WEKA AG, Jela Micanovic, Export Manager  & HR Coordinator

Vivien Schnyder

Order Processing, Export & Accounting Coordinator

WEKA AG, Vivien Schnyder, Export Coordinator

Lab Dauti

Order Processing & Export Coordinator

Leandro Bachmann

Commercial Apprentice

Denys Selezkyi

Commercial Apprentice

Daniel Oertig

Development Engineer

WEKA AG, Daniel Oertig, Development Engineer

Karolina Dziewiecka

Development Engineer

Daniel Weber

Development Engineer

WEKA AG, Daniel Weber, Development Engineer

Dawid Chadaj

Application Engineer

Thomas Pfeiffer

Production and Test Engineer 

Thomas Schwarz

Manager Procurement & Materials Management

Miroljub Ilic

Procurement and Production Planning Engineer

Dino Godenzi

Production Planning Manager

WEKA AG, Dino Godenzi, Production Planning Manager

Reto Heilmeier

Production Planning Coordinator

WEKA AG, Reto Heilmeier, Production Planning Coordinator

Reto Joos

Production Planning & Procurement Engineer

WEKA AG, Reto Joos, Production Planning & Procurement Engineer

Joel Ulrich

Assembly & Testing Manager

WEKA AG, Joel Ulrich, Assembly & Testing Manager

Luiz Carlos Freimüller

Electronics Engineer

Stefan Schmid

Mechanical Manufacturing Manager

WEKA AG, Stefan Schmid, Mechanical Manufacturing Manager

Heinz Bütikofer

Welding Manager

WEKA AG, Heinz Bütikofer, Welding Manager