We are picky - and proud of it!

To ensure that large systems all over the world function safely and smoothly, our employees take care of every little detail, pedantically, fussy, meticulous - typically Swiss. 

The corporate film makes it clear: these are the skills that have made WEKA AG the market-leading manufacturer of cryogenic components for use at extremely low temperatures. Because thanks to this "Swiss precision", customers from the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as from shipbuilding and space research, receive precisely the products that make their operations safe and reliable.  

Insights and views of the inspiration behind our work are also shown – volume up and action!

Vision of WEKA AG

We are a sustainable and innovative solution provider for high-quality cryogenic components, special fittings and level measurement devices. To this end, we adhere to the following principles:

  • We focus on the customer and their needs.
  • We define ourselves by the quality of our work and our products and thus generate value creation.
  • We are committed to an intact environment.
  • We are an attractive employer that supports motivated and qualified employees.

Our values


Our strength is the expertise of each individual. We therefore support and challenge our employees at all levels.


Quality is what customers expect from us and what we expect from suppliers. We want to meet this standard. Therefore, we are committed to it in our daily work.


Our thinking and actions are sustainable towards the environment, our employees and our business partners.


Through our willingness to improve constantly and through our openness to new things, we set innovative impulses and react flexibly to changed external circumstances.


We maintain a partnership-based relationship with our customers, representatives and suppliers. We thus support mutual success.

Unser Team

WEKA AG, Stefan Otto, Product Manager Level Instruments
Stefan Otto

Product Manager Level Instruments

WEKA AG, Pascal Erni, Product Manager Valves & Cryogenics
Pascal Erni

Product Manager Valves & Cryogenics

WEKA AG, Nicola Magginetti, Head of Development & Engineering
Nicola Magginetti

Head of Development & Engineering

WEKA AG, Marcel Kramer, Head of Procurement & Production
Marcel Kramer

Head of Procurement & Production

Mario Schneider

Head of Finance, Controlling, Order Processing and Human Resources

WEKA AG, Brigitte Pfenninger, Head of Controlling & Human Resources
Brigitte Pfenninger

Controlling & Human Resources Manager

WEKA AG, Marc Hofmann, Quality & Lean Manager
Marc Hofmann

Quality & Lean Manager

Nadine Tiefenbacher

Product Manager Support

Romano Cavallo

Product Manager

WEKA AG, Miralem Okanovic, International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics
Miralem Okanovic

International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics

WEKA AG, Leon Trajber, International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics
Leon Trajber

International Sales Manager Valves & Cryogenics

WEKA AG, John M. Andrea, International Sales Manager, Senior Engineer Level Instruments
John M. Andrea

International Sales Manager, Senior Engineer Level Instruments

WEKA AG, Jela Micanovic, Export Manager  & HR Coordinator
Jela Micanovic

Order Processing & Export Manager / Human Resources Coordinator

WEKA AG, Vivien Schnyder, Export Coordinator
Vivien Schnyder

Order Processing, Export & Accounting Coordinator

Lab Dauti

Order Processing & Export Coordinator

WEKA AG, Leandro Bachmann, Commercial Apprentice
Leandro Bachmann

Commercial Apprentice

Denys Selezkyi

Commercial Apprentice

WEKA AG, Daniel Oertig, Development Engineer
Daniel Oertig

Development Engineer

WEKA AG, Daniel Weber, Development Engineer
Daniel Weber

Development Engineer

Karolina Dziewiecka

Development Engineer

Dawid Chadaj

Application Engineer

Thomas Pfeiffer

Production and Test Engineer

Thomas Schwarz

Manager Procurement & Materials Management

Miroljub Ilic

Procurement and Production Planning Engineer

WEKA AG, Dino Godenzi, Production Planning Manager
Dino Godenzi

Production Planning Manager

WEKA AG, Reto Heilmeier, Production Planning Coordinator
Reto Heilmeier

Production Planning Coordinator

WEKA AG, Reto Joos, Production Planning & Procurement Engineer
Reto Joos

Production Planning & Procurement Engineer

WEKA AG, Joel Ulrich, Assembly & Testing Manager
Joel Ulrich

Assembling, Testing and Electronics Manager

Luiz Carlos Freimüller

Electronics Engineer

WEKA AG, Stefan Schmid, Mechanical Manufacturing Manager
Stefan Schmid

Mechanical Manufacturing Manager

WEKA AG, Heinz Bütikofer, Welding Manager
Heinz Bütikofer

Welding Manager

Let us shape the future together

We are looking for both curious new talent and dedicated experienced professionals who are determined to support the company and successfully shape its future together with us.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


open positions

Our History


Arthur Welter and August Karrer founded WEKA. Purpose of the business
was manufacture and sale of lead fittings. Within only two years it became
necessary to move into larger production facilities.


Reorganisation as WEKA AG.


The original version of the WEKA Magnetic Level Indicator was patented.
WEKA moved ahead in the area of measurement and control technology.


WEKA produced the first cryogenic valves and couplings.


WEKA heralded the step across the Atlantic with the signing of
a license contract with GEMS Sensors Division of IMO Industries for the
manufacture of WEKASureSite Magnetic Level Indicators in the USA.


Successful start in the USA and take-over from IMO Industries. The
Founders sell the company after 40 years of operations. WEKA becomes
a part of the IMO Group, Lawrenceville, N.J.


New facilities in Bäretswil, approx. 25km south-east of Zurich.


Take-over the european manufacturing from GEMS tank level instruments.


WEKA as a part of the Gems Sensors Group becomes part of the
DANAHER Corporation, USA.


WEKA became a member of the Arca Group, a well-known German
company for control valves.


The Total Quality Management System of WEKA has successfully
been audited by the German Lloyd according ISO 9001 and PED module
H and H1. At the same time the welding approval was renewed.


The QS-System has been approved according to ATEX.


WEKA integrates personnel and manufacturing facilities of Flowserve S.A.
in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) including «Bättig» Valve program
MicroFlow and LowFlow Valves.


WEKA introduces SAP All-in-One for all business processes successfully
within short time.


WEKA became the approval by Zelm Ex according to IECEx.


WEKA implements Lean Management and focuses on efficient processes
and continuous improvement to achieve maximum customer benefit.


WEKA proves its sustainable behaviour by achieving the second-best rating
by the independent testing company EcoVadis.

Our Partners

Our Memberships

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