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Convey, regulate, block, control, measure, display – WEKA solutions make it possible

For more than 80 years, we have been improving processes of many important applications across several industries with our range of cryogenic components and magnetic visual level indicators, whether this be with standard or customised individual solutions.

On the following pages, accompany us into the diversity of the WEKA world and gain an overview for yourself, whether in the area of large industrial applications, such as in shipbuilding or the oil & gas industry, or in highly technological areas such as space and research!

Chemical, Oil and Gas

Giant industries owe their origin and existence to the low temperature technology. The division of air into their components nitrogen, oxygen and other gas mixtures, or the liquefaction of helium and hydrogen can probably be called the most important branch of cryogenics. WEKA valves and components for the low temperature range have proven their worth for decades. Our customers have reliable and efficient solutions in design of a wide variety in cryogenic systems both for the liquefaction of gases and for gas recovery.

The chemical & pharmaceutical sector, oil & gas and the associated petrochemical industry are among the most important application areas for our level technology. Extreme pressure or temperature, corrosive or toxic fluids, onshore or offshore – there are no limits. Our customers prefer high-quality products.

Industry and Trade

The shipbuilding industry as well as water storage and treatment are WEKA's most traditional applications for level indicators. High quality solutions mostly out of our standard range, meet the highest demands of measurement and control technology.

In mechanical engineering & plant construction, fluids are an integral component in all applications. Whether the simplest requirements for rudimentary measurement of level or highly specialised systems in the extreme pressure and temperature range, whether for corrosive fluids or in explosive environment; 
WEKA can always offer specialised and customer-specific solutions.

Energy, Space and Research

The Dutch physician Heike Kammerlingh-Onnes achieved a temperature of minus 269°C for the first time with helium in 1908. The era of cryogenics had begun. Decades later, cryogenics assume increasing influence in the sectors of energy production, hydrogen and space infrastructure and other wide areas of science. In a number of these applications standard products of WEKA have been used for many years with numerous selection options for adaptation to specific customer requirements. Our clients worldwide, including hydrogen filling station manufacturers, aviation centres, research institutes and universities, appreciate our flexibility, adherence to deadlines and reliability.

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