Gas recirculation systems

Global policies for energy consumption, climate and environment already pose major challenges today to plant operators in terms of efficient operation. The challenges will even increase in future.

To remain competitive in the global marketplace, all saving potentials within the various processes must be investigated. Costs for gas, such as for helium, can be reduced by avoiding this valuable raw material to evaporate into the atmosphere. Much more it should be returned to a container or a recondenser.

Liquid helium is used mainly in basic research for cooling superconductors or for scientific experiments. After the heat exchange, this valuable liquid is gaseous again with higher temperature. In small installations the helium is then released into the atmosphere.

However, the recovery of the evaporating helium is becoming more and more interesting, especially when large quantities are involved. In order to minimise the loss, it is essentially important to reduce the heat input over the valves or transfer line couplings to a minimum. WEKA cryogenic components for this matter have a very low heat input as a standard already. It can be even further reduced by taking specific measures. The efficiency of the system is increased and the remaining cold gas can furthermore be used fully for pre-cooling the inlet gas or for feeding the shields.

In order to prevent unwanted backflow of fluids into the process or the running experiment, WEKA offers check valves for the warm and cold range. They are characterised by a very low response pressure and high tightness.

WEKA Competence

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