Hydrogen infrastructure

The expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure for production, transport, application and storage is progressing at an ever faster pace. No matter which part of the H2 value chain you are active in, the WEKA product range can offer you a solution that is best suited to your application. We supply reliable components for the cold and warm area and different pressure levels up to 1000 bar. Our concept offers you a high degree of flexibility in the production of a valve that is tailored to the requirements of your hydrogen application.​

Typical applications: (G=gaseous, L=liquid)

  • GH2 liquefaction
  • LH2 storage and withdrawal
  • LH2 tank systems
  • LH2 transport by trailer or ship (marine)
  • GH2 and LH2 filling station concepts
  • Space fuel supply
  • Power-to-Gas
  • Fuel cell and gas fuel systems for LH2 for vehicles and ships (marine)

Energy storage is one of the central issues of energy system transformation due to the natural fluctuations of renewable energies. Solutions for long-term storage are particularly in demand. This is where hydrogen as a storage medium comes into play. Although it can be stored in a variety of ways, hydrogen is usually kept in gaseous form in high-pressure containers, which are installed on site of the manufacturer or user's premises as well as on road and rail vehicles. In this way, the hydrogen mainly reaches the various consumers and H2 filling stations in a gaseous state.

In order to refuel more efficiently, filling stations will be needed in the future that can refuel considerably more vehicles at the same time than before. For this purpose, filling station concepts for liquid hydrogen storage are best suited. These have the advantage that liquid hydrogen (LH2) requires only one seventh of the volume of hydrogen gas (GH2), thus allowing significant space savings.

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