Space infrastructure

For the launch of space rockets such as Ariane, ground logistics with numerous valves for fuel supply are required. These valves are installed in the fuel filling system and must ensure that helium, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are reliably fed into the rocket's fuel tanks.

Since tightness and safety at these points are of utmost importance, WEKA products have been successfully used several times for launch pad applications and are therefore the optimal choice for future space projects.

The fuel supply of the rockets during the launch phase takes place in a few minutes. Due to the tight scheduling there is no room for unexpected situations.

The rocket needs hydrogen as fuel, oxygen as oxidant and helium and nitrogen as inert gases for instrumentation and pressure equalisation.

These gases are usually available on the launch pad in high-pressure vessels or are liquefied on site.

WEKA's high-pressure shut-off valves, manual valves, control valves and check valves offer reliable control and actuation behaviour for large cross-sections, so that preparatory operations can be carried out smoothly in a short time.

WEKA Competence

The guarantee of performance during extensive final acceptance tests, the requirements for purity and processing of the parts, proof of the highest level of safety, but also of maximum efficiency and reliability; this is our absolute demand for quality in materials and engineering.

This is the trademark of WEKA.