Water management

Water management is an integral part of our daily life. WEKA can profit of many years of competent experience in the field of level indicators. Professional, high quality and durable products are appreciated by everyone.  Be it water treatment with highly corrosive liquids or just water storage, we have the right solutions ready.


Typical applications

  • Settling pools
  • Chemical tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Osmosis plants
  • Filter systems


General requirements

Water supply and especially wastewater treatment are central topics in every community worldwide. Water is our most important raw material and its careful treatment back to industrial or drinking water must meet the highest demands in measurement and control technology. In addition, temporary storage of water is an essential component in ensuring the required quantities for consumption.
WEKA has always specialised in this sector with affordable and technically suitable solutions for level indicators.


Liquids in varying concentrations and temperatures can be highly aggressive and require chemically resistant materials. In addition to our standard level measuring instruments in 316&316L WEKA also offers products made out of PVC, PP and PVDF. Pressure and temperature levels are usually rather low.

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    WEKA Competence

    For most applications you will find suitable solutions from our WEKA standard range. Special designs for unusual operating conditions are possible at any time.
    Our strengths include development, production and testing of customised solutions.

    Get in touch with us, we are happy to advise you.