Become a supplier

Would you like to become our partner? You can apply to become our supplier here.
First, please read the requirements.


What we expect from our suppliers:

  • Willingness to collaborate with us for the long term and on a partnership basis
  • Transparency and openness in the business relationship
  • High development and innovation competence
  • Willingness to optimise processes continuously
  • Reliability in supply and logistics expertise
  • Fulfilment of social and ecological standards
  • Implementation of (certified) quality management
  • Willingness to enter quality assurance agreements and framework contracts and to fulfil WEKA’s code of conduct
  • IT-based information exchange

What we offer:

  • Fair, trusting and long-term collaboration
  • Need-orientated growth prospects
  • Delivery into an innovative and future-orientated product
  • Dialogue-orientated integration into the product development process


Code of Conduct

Supplier Policy

WEKA requires all suppliers to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity in their business dealings with WEKA and their relations with other customers, suppliers, employees, competitors and communities.

Code of Conduct.pdf