Special VLI

The extraordinary is our strength

Our standard range contains thousands of variants. Should this not suffice, our expertise and our 50 years of experience allow us to adapt our portfolio and cater to customer-specific wishes.

Often it is not a specific parameter but the combination of various values that makes the requirement a challenge:

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Connection variants
  • Pressures (up to 630 bar / 63 MPa)
  • Fluid densities (as of 0.27 g/cm3)
  • Temperatures (-196°C to +400°C)

Challenge WEKA with your request – we look forward to hearing from you!

The highest certifications in the area of the European Pressure Equipment Directive and the welding processes allow us to perform independent product design, including calculation and design, production and the testing of unique products.

With computer-supported processes, viability and the safety-related foundations are proven. Our excellently trained designers are used to taking all aspects into account, from acquisition to integration.
We are also helped by our well-managed 40-year archive, as many a speciality has turned out to be an already executed mandate.

Each device is constructed in such a way that all the additional components from the standard range can be used. We thus keep the product range upwards and downwards compatible over decades.

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A picture, visual magnetic bypass level indicator special VLI for up to 630 bar process pressure
  • Nominal pressure PN≤ 630bar
  • Temperature Range-196…+400°C
  • Density of liquid≥ 0.27g/cm3


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Type of publication
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